Salesforce Solutions

Salesforce is the market leader in customer relationship management (CRM) software. Salesforce is also the leading cloud platform for building solutions that are social, mobile, and open. Salesforce can tremendously improve workforce productivity and customer satisfaction. However, implementing Salesforce can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive for an organization without prior experience. We configure to meet your unique needs, align your systems with your processes, and integrate Salesforce with your systems as needed.

ITCSSG with its expertise & experience delivers quality Salesforce Consulting services quickly to our clients. ITCSSG works with various clients through the full lifecycle of moving to the cloud.  We are very experienced business technology consultants who understand & embrace the latest cloud solutions.

Strategic Implementation

ITCSSG serves as your trusted advisor to develop your strategy for effectively managing the full constituent lifecycle. We work with you to evaluate your existing practices and systems, recommend courses of action, develop practices, and create a successful strategy. ITCSSG helps you develop a system architecture that works with the rest of your enterprise technical architecture.

Sales and Service Cloud Setup

ITCSSG setup, configure and customize Salesforce to support your business needs. ITCSSG helps you on creating Email templates, workflows and approval processes for business process automation. ITCSSG creates highly effective custom reports and dashboards to give you better insight into your business.

System Integration

ITCSSG helps you on integrating Salesforce with your other business critical systems such ERP applications, financial software, marketing automation software, call center software and more as per the need. ITCSSG ensures that these integration opportunities are identified and addressed in the implementation.

Data Migration

ITCSSG is happy to offer help on data migration services that include data extraction, cleansing, de-duplication, standardization and validation, and import into Salesforce. Then we implement strategies to ensure your data stays clean going forward.

Virtual Admin Support

ITCSSG proactively monitor your Salesforce implementation, identify areas of improvement, recommend courses of action, develop best practices, and create an improvement plan. Our ongoing administration and maintenance services include user management, security management, standard and custom object maintenance, data management, and package maintenance.

Business Intelligence

ITCSSG assesses your reporting needs, and design reports and dashboards to address them. We also implement custom integrations to third-party business intelligence tools for on-demand analytics. ITCSSG provides ongoing Salesforce administration, performing ongoing system support and one-on-one user assistance.

Security Review

Salesforce has an incredibly robust and complex security model. All AppExchange and OEM products are required to pass a security review conducted by Salesforce. ITCSSG guides you through the entire security review process, review your app and help you resolve any security issues to be in line with your expectations and industry requirements.


Businesses have complex needs that sometimes require applications that extend beyond ITCSSG can help you discover and implement the proper AppExchange solution to provide your business with the best tools. If your business does not have the resources for building a custom app, we can help you find an AppExchange solution to address your business concerns in an upgradable, secure and easily administrated environment. At ITCSSG, we have the expertise to evaluate your specific requirements or issue and provide you with an AppExchange solution, with the ability for customization.