Process, SDLC Team Assessment

ITCSSG uses a four-stage maturity model, based on industry standards and endorsed by Microsoft, for assessing IT capabilities to create product-neutral recommendations that improve IT effectiveness and an organization's assets in order to advance the business.

Understanding the Value of IT

Understanding the Value of IT ITCSSG Enterprise Technology Strategy helps enterprises:

The journey through the four stages of maturity transforms IT from being perceived as a cost center to a dynamic part of the business value proposition. IT is clearly understood and viewed as a business growth enabler and strategic business asset. Using this four-stage maturity model, customers can gauge their current stage of IT maturity, establish a unified business and technology vision for the future, and build a clear roadmap to achieving that vision.

Today’s enterprises are realizing that there has never been a greater need for IT to be aligned with the rest of their business, a true corporate asset that delivers ongoing business value.

Enterprise Technology Strategy helps executives and IT mangers understand the value of company investments in IT solutions and to make their IT organization a strategic asset that enables business objectives. Ultimately, Enterprise Technology Strategy strives to create an IT capability for a dynamic business that connects people, information, and business’ processes to increase market responsiveness and help eliminate inefficiencies.

The SDLC is divided into five Phases:

The IT investment isn’t building the new system. Sometimes the smart choice is to recalibrate the systems that already run your company operations and transactions. Our Performance Assessment solutions can help you sort through your options and take corrective action.